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Write with power & speak out loud



create great content and persuasively present your message to increase your impact and your income

Saturday, November 11th3 - 7 PM, New York, New York

Dorothy Holtermann 

Kate Chapman

Part One

Write with Power: Creating Words Worthy of a Page


with Dorothy Holtermann 


Are you confused about what your message is?

Do you worry you may not have one?

Or do you know you have a message but have so many you do not know which to choose?


Or do you know your message but when you try to write it down you get blocked or cannot find the words to convey that message with power?


Whether you want to develop a brand, grow a business, write a career enhancing book, or become a public speaker,  your message matters.  Join Dorothy Holtermann, author, teacher, public speaker and founder of Birth a Book, to help find the words that will powerfully clarify your message and amplify it for the people who are waiting for it.


Developing your unique aligned message will connect you to your life purpose, to clients who are your perfect match, and light your path with the type of enthusiasm that can change lives. In this workshop we will not only learn how to find your message, but also how to get it written on the page.


Each workshop participant will get one on one time to be coached with Dorothy who has coached dozens of authors on how to create content worthy of a best seller.

I took Dorothy's Birth a Book course in Union Square in Manhattan and again in Staten Island. I am impressed with both the way Dorothy runs the class and her knowledge base. Dorothy is a wonderful, informative teacher whose inspires everyone around her. Dorothy helped me publish my first book, Christopher's Garden, a gift I wrote to my autistic son years ago. I was thrilled to have my dream come true to have the book actually published and  gratified with Dorothy's assistance. I am now creating a series of uplifting books about the truth about life with an autistic child. Thanks to Dorothy, the people who come to class  become so enthusiastic, it is such a pleasure to get to know them. She serves people who never thought they would write a book, let alone publish a book. If writing a book is a dream of yours I recommend you work with Dorothy. She makes writing and publishing books a great adventure and as importantly, a reality.


Brigid Gallagher Davies, Artist, Retired Nurse

Author of Christopher's Garden

It has always a dream of mine to write a book.  It was a journey that I never would have been able to take without the help and guidance of Dorothy.  She first and foremost gave me the confidence that  I needed to believe that I could do it, and then step by step, she gave me the tools that I needed  to complete it. Dorothy had the resources necessary to help me to form a team to support my project.  She was always there for me, giving me  good advice and valuable information every step of the way.   Without her help, I would have never been able to navigate through the technical aspects of online publishing. I am not a person who is very tech savvy, so when I was feeling intimidated and stuck, Dorothy's  warm and friendly attitude was just what I needed to get the job done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Darlene Stango,
Author of Becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister

I have wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember, but I always thought that you needed an agent and a publisher to get it accomplished. Then I met Dorothy Holtermann. Dorothy inspires confidence, gives direction and practical advice. She helps you navigate writing, publishing and marketing. She helps you to become an author. But "Birth a Book” is so much more than a class about how to write- it is the opportunity to join a growing community of gifted individuals who are supporting each other on their journey. The appreciation that I feel about finding this community is hard to express. Thank you to Dorothy for this amazing experience. I recommend “Birth a Book” to all who have ever considered writing a book. Don’t hesitate any longer! 


Lisa Paladino, CNM, IBCLC

Author of It Should Not Hurt to Nurse Your Baby

Part Two

From the page to the stage:

practical and fun techniques to improve your public speaking


with Kate Chapman 


Does the idea of speaking in front of people terrify you?

Do you want to be a public speaker, but don’t know where to begin when creating a presentation?

Would you like to infuse humor into your already existing presentation?


Come and learn from a 30-year veteran of stage and screen.  Broadway actress Kate Chapman (Mary Poppins, Les Miserables, Pajama Game, Sweet Smell of Success, Saturday Night Fever, and “Mrs. Claus” in The Radio City Christmas Spectacular for 5 seasons) offers this fun and informative workshop on how to make the stage your home, and the audience your partner in “the dance”.


Each participant will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with Kate, as she offers ways to calm nerves, highlight the humorous parts, and effectively communicate your visions in a professional way.  Participants will be asked to bring in a short piece of prepared work so that Kate can help to polish and refine it.  Pieces can be speeches, presentations, songs, or a reading from work participants have personally written.  If you do not have one, we will  provide one for you or develop one during Part 1.


Come join us for a transformative, joyful, information-packed seminar to help expand your skill set…and get you on stage, where you belong!

Workshop cost: 295

Early Bird Special: 195 (Expires October 15tH)






Note: exact location of event will be disclosed only to registered participants. 

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