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Fulfill Your Dream 

 Write & Publish Your Book in 2019 

Discover what you must know before you start to write your book.

Your life is waiting.

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How to Start Your Book

(this simple tip will surprise you)







The Best Strategy to Publish Your Book

(yes, there has been a seismic shift in the publishing Industry) 






How to Keep Your Readers Turning the Pages

(THIS is the secret to success) 






How to Stop Feeling Stressed and Stuck

and Start Feeling Confident and Moving Forward


Hi, I am Dorothy Holtermann, and I love to share how you can move from dreaming to being a published author! I am the Author of Love Food that Loves You Back, Founder of the Birth a Book System, and a featured teacher at The Open Center and The Tibetan Museum in New York City. 

"Publishing my book changed my life and the lives of others. It was a dream come true!"

Renee Raia, Meditation Teacher, Author and Speaker.

"Publishing my book (finally) changed my career—no, my entire life!"

Lisa Paladino, RN, Midwife and Author

Watch the free class right now

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