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Write & Publish Your Book Discovery Class

Birth a Book Discovery Class

Birth a Book Discovery Class

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You have a dream to write and publish your book.

Let's make your dream come true.


Maybe you are a coach, a teacher, wellness professional or a person with an inspirational story.


 You want to get your message out into the world.


You want your book to increase your income and impact. 


But, you feel uncertain. You do not know how to start.


Your idea has been in your head for months (or years!).


You might get stressed just thinking about where to begin, and besides, who has time to write a book?


Well, welcome, you are in the right place.

After I struggled for years to publish my own book, I decided to develop The Birth a Book System and have helped dozens of busy people just like you become published authors! It is a proven step by step process to guide your success with:




Delight & Ease

It is not like "school," it is a series of fun adventures! You can get your book out into the world in 2019 and:



1. Enjoy life more as an "author"ity



2. Be invited to events 



3. Start or grow a successful business



4. Enjoy more freedom



5. Afford a healthy and happy lifestyle doing what you love



6. Make your contribution to a better world!


Watch your inbox for coaching tips, event and retreat invitations and full course information and invitation. 

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