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Fulfill Your Dream To Write & Publish your book 

The proven Birth a Book System will guide you to make it happen. Celebrate life as published author in 2019!

Top Tips on How to Write & Publish a Dream Book

Top Tips on How to Write & Publish a Dream Book

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You have a dream.

Let's make it come true.

Maybe you're a coach,

a yoga teacher, parent,

a therapist,

or wellness professional.

You have an inspirational message.


You want to get that message out into the world.


You want your business and life to thrive.

You want to write a book to increase your income and impact.


BUT, you don't know where to start. Your idea has been in your head for months (or years). You may have multiple books in you and do not know which to write. You get stressed just thinking about where to begin. And besides who has time to write a book?


Well, you are in the right place. 


After I published my best-selling book, I was surprised to receive an avalanche of opportunities. I was paid to be a retreat leader (Asilomar!), corporate consultant (a convent?), Healthgrade video expert (alongside MD's and PhD's), teach at The Open Center and Tibetan Museum. However,  I was most deeply moved by the many emails I received from readers whose life I had inspired to improve. 


My mission shifted to help others get their messages written into a book so they can both impact the lives of others but also create a new life of their dreams. 


I developed the  Birth a Book step by step system, which has helped dozens of busy people just like you to become published authors. 

It is designed to help you succeed with community, clarity, confidence, delight, and ease. 

It is much less like school and more like a series of fun adventures.


You are welcome to come on board our next book writing expedition!

There are a limited number of seats, so do not hesitate to take yours as soon as they are released. You do not want to miss it. If not now, when?

Your new life is waiting.


YOU can get your book out into the world, and together we can make it happen this year. Then you will enjoy your life as an "author"ity. Be invited to events, have more clients, get media coverage and speaking gigs (if you want them), enjoy more freedom, afford a healthy and happy lifestyle doing what you love, and proudly make your contribution to a better world!

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