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 The White Mountain Book Writing Retreat 

July 7-12, 2019      Bethlehem, NH


The unique writing retreat that will inspire you to relax and recharge so you can finally move forward on your dream to write your book.

Discover and do what it really takes to write, publish, and promote your book!


Come confused, or even clueless, leave crystal clear and confident on your way to becoming a published author!

This is more than a retreat. 

This is a wide open space to reflect, reignite, and reconnect to your curious and creative self. This is a precious opportunity to turn down the noise of daily life in order to discover and deliver that book hiding deep inside of you.

This Retreat is For You If...

You long to get your book writing project to the next step and learn everything you need to know to get your book published (and you could also use a big dose of self-nurturing and a life adventure).


You enjoy hanging out with smart, loving, supportive people, creating and sharing big ideas.


You’ve just decided you want to write a book, been putting it off for years,  need to rework a book you have already published, or you’re writing your 10th book. Great! This is a “welcome-all-authors” retreat!

You are a coach, wellness professional, teacher, or someone with an inspirational story...


You long to get your message out into the world...


You are oh so ready to increase your impact and your income...


You are ready to embrace more career opportunities, more personal and financial freedom...


You are ready to enjoy sharing what you know and feel proud about making your contribution to a better planet...

 what Nicki has to say: 

I am so much further

ahead on my book

than I thought possible!

Testimonial: Nicki

Testimonial: Nicki

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"The retreat is perfect for the writer that needs a comfortable, supportive environment to move his or her book forward. The focus on self-nurturing through delicious, healthy food and yoga provided the perfect backdrop for digging in and writing. Targeted instruction is both global and tailored to participants. The beautiful and idyllic setting is a delight for the senses. I highly recommend this retreat!"

Nicki Clausen-Grace,

Teacher and Children's Book Author

 what Linda has to say: 

I got out of my head...

and got instant feedback

that was real, helpful,

and grounded!